5 Things You don’t Want to Miss in a Rental Inspection!

In this blog, we share 5 things you DON’T want to miss during a routine inspection! If you (or your property manager) are only checking that the tenant is keeping the place in a reasonable state then you are missing out on key points that could save you money in the future.

Inspect Routine Checklist

Gutters and spouting

Why is it important to check your gutters and spouting? If there are blocks in gutters or spouting then this can cause moisture build up in your ceiling spaces. Getting these unlocked could be a hundred or so dollars compared to thousands if the water gets into a roof space! Any blockages can also contribute to mould in the house which makes for an unhealthy rental home.


Make sure that there is sufficient drainage around the property so that water is being extracted. Pooling water under houses can cause built-up moisture in the property contributing to mould and an-healthy home.

Check rooms or wardrobes backing onto wet areas (like Laundry or bathrooms)

Check any walls where pipes could be running for excess moisture, if detected early you can minimise damages, save thousands and look after your tenants health.


It is important that your property’s roof is cared for and up to standard as this is the houses first defense against mother nature! Large amounts of damage to your property can start from a roof that isn’t maintained and a simple check during your inspection can prevent this.

Circulation of air for external walls or walls backing onto wet areas

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